google adwords


Release Date

Jan 2021


Search Engine Advertising

Project Brief:

Herbarify is an eCommerce site that makes medicines for weight loss and skin beauty. Herbarify makes Pills for weight loss just like Keto+, Keto Advanced, Keto+Moringa+Apple Cider Vinegar, and creams for GLOW-UP, Anti Aging, and Skin Whitening COMBO. Herbarify want to increase its sale in different cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi.

Technical Solution

Step 01

Gather All Information

Herbarify is a medicine company that make diet pills and beauty creams in Pakistan. Herbarify wants to increase its sell on different cities on Pakistan through its website.

Step 02

Find Solution And Solve It

The audit website found the issue and solve it, like speed optimization. Find keywords related to products, target right audience in right location. Set bidding strategy for Search Engine.

Step 03

Finally Get The Result

After doing a lot of hard work by our team we increase sell 45,000/month to 150,000/month and its almost 300%. Herbarify got a better result on its site in different cities of Pakistan.