Release Date

Dec 2020


Search Engine Optimization

Project Brief:

Gerati Healthcare designs, manufactures and markets devices and solutions for minimally invasive surgery and is a key player in the marketplace due to its clear and in-depth understanding of what is important for surgeons who prefer to use their surgical instruments. The company was created by a team of experienced healthcare professionals to fill the gaps in modern equipment for minimally invasive surgery. Part of their vision is to prove to the surgical community a reliable industry partner so that they can understand their needs and come up with suitable solutions for better medical outcomes.

Technical SEO

OnPage SEO

OffPage SEO

Step 01

Gather All Information

Gerati is a surgical products manufacturing company that make laparoscopic instruments in Pakistan. Gerati wants to sell their surgical instruments on Pakistan and USA through their website.

Step 02

Find Solution And Solve It

The audit website found the issue and solve it, like speed optimization. Find keywords related to products and add on content. Did onpage and offpage SEO for website.

Step 03

Finally Get The Result

After doing a lot of hard work by our team maximum keywords of Gerati were ranked in 5 to 6 months. Gerati got a better position in search engines like Google in USA and Pakistan region.