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Google Adwords

Our advertising campaign experts help you set up and optimize your Google Adwords budgets to achieve your growth objectives

Multiply Your Impact With Google Adwords

From the definition of the strategy to the analysis of the results, including the daily management of your campaigns. Our Advertising Agency Lahore supports all sectors to help them quickly boost visibility and income through online advertising. 

For that, our vocation is to develop a multichannel approach by privileging good mix-marketing. Adwords, Display, Social Ads, Remarketing… Each campaign thus actively participates in the conversion of your visitors.

To gain new customers or encourage visitors to come back, Adwords campaigns can be an excellent solution. Thanks to precise targeting and precise measurement of results. We optimize your budget while attracting the audience that suits you.


Ways To Improve Your Visibility

Research Network

Choose the keywords on which you want to attract prospects in active search.


Reach your customers wherever they are with mobile ads.


Reach out to internet users who have already interacted with your site and position yourself strategically.

Advertising Agency Lahore

Why Us

We Provide Best Adwords Services

Advertising Agency Lahore can achieve your growth goals with many years of experience in online advertising campaigns. If you haven’t tried online advertising yet, we can help you set up and manage your account. If you already have an account, we’ll boost your campaigns to make your business as efficient as possible.

Our mission is not simply to bring in massive traffic but to actually bring you qualified traffic that can become customers.

Our Collaboration In 5 Steps

To ensure that our collaboration is successful, we use a 5-step process that has been proven to meet your needs and produce an achievable and real result.

  • Analysis of the existing
  • Goals definition
  • Action plan
  • Choice of tools
  • Performance measurement


Steps Of Audit Ads

To ensure that our Adwords strategy is successful, we use a 6 major steps process that has been proven to meet your needs and produce an achievable and real result.

Account Structure

Implementation of a digital communication plan listing the action to be carried out and to be programmed according to at editorial calendar.


Are they impactful? Are they delivering the right message? Auditing your ads will highlight quick improvements to increase your performance.

Diffusion Network

Where are your ads showing and are all networks relevant? This point ensures whether some of the traffic could be better exploited.

Bidding Strategies

Choosing the right auction optimization strategy helps you get the most out of your budget and effectively promote products and services.


Indispensable elements of a good Adwords strategy, we make sure that the choice made does not result in wasting your budget.

Landing Pages

Selecting the page that would be the perfect fit for your audience will increase your conversion rate and return on investment.

Client’s love

Love From Clients

By working with OMT, we were able to have the right expertise to set up google ad grants. But also Facebook prospecting and retargeting campaign and finally, an end-of-year SEA campaign.

Muhammad Altaf

OMT has been supporting us since 2017 in the digital strategy of our association on a wide variety of areas of expertise such as AdWords, display campaigns, or even Facebook ads.

Iqra Batool

We have been working for many years with OMT on SEA, SEO, and more recently on leads to call, display and tracking. OMT has always been a force for proposals and for a piece of good advice.

Muhammad Faisal

Marketing Manager