Online Advertising

Our advertising campaign experts help you set up and optimize your Google Adwords budgets to achieve your growth objectives.

Multiply your impact with Google Adwords

From the definition of the strategy to the analysis of the results, including the daily management of your campaigns. Our Advertising Agency Lahore supports all sectors to help them quickly boost visibility and income through online advertising. 

For that, our vocation is to develop a multichannel approach by privileging good mix-marketing. Adwords, Display, Social Ads, Remarketing… Each campaign thus actively participates in the conversion of your visitors.

To gain new customers or encourage visitors to come back, Adwords campaigns can be an excellent solution. Thanks to precise targeting and precise measurement of results. We optimize your budget while attracting the audience that suits you.

Ways to Improve your visibility

Research Network

Choose the keywords on which you want to attract prospects in active search.

Google Shopping

Promote your business to local customers and beat your competitors.

Display Network

Promote your business, services or products through awareness campaigns.

Social Networks

Target your prospects according to their areas of interest by posting your ads on social networks.


Reach your customers wherever they are with mobile ads.


Reach out to internet users who have already interacted with your site and position yourself strategically.

Why work with our Advertising Agency?

Advertising Agency Lahore can achieve your growth goals with many years of experience in online advertising campaigns. If you haven’t tried online advertising yet, we can help you set up and manage your account. If you already have an account, we’ll boost your campaigns to make your business as efficient as possible.

Our mission is not simply to bring in massive traffic but to actually bring you qualified traffic that can become customers.

Whatever the size of your company, we view our relationship as a long-term partnership where our main goal is to help you boost your performance while proving your efficiency.

For this, our missions are foremost a quality approach, slogan of good advertising campaign Google Ads, and proximity to our customers. We always take the time it takes to discuss things and make sure our actions are understood.


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Our collaboration in 5 steps

To ensure that our collaboration is successful, we use a 5-step process that has been proven to meet your needs and produce an achievable and real result.

Analysis of the existing

It is essential phase allowing to take stoke and to understand the context of the company

Goals definitaion

Set the challenges and the objectives to be achieved. Established the expected results ( loyalty, increase in traffic, visibility, etc, ).


Implementation of a digital communication plan (media planning) listing the action to be carried out and to be programmed according to at editorial calendar.


Choose the most suitable communication channels for the company (website, social network, blog, emailing, digital advertising, etc ).


Measure the performance of the digital strategy through key performance indicators (kpi), website traffic, traffic source, click through rate, etc.


To ensure that your  Adwords strategy is successful, we use a 6-step process that has been proven to meet your needs and produce an achievable and real result.

Account structure

Implementation of a digital communication plan (media planning) listing the action to be carried out and to be programmed according to at editorial calendar.

Diffusion networks

Where are your ads showing and are all networks relevant? This point ensures whether some of the traffic could be better exploited.


Indispensable elements of a good Adwords strategy, we make sure that the choice made does not result in wasting your budget.


Are they impactful? Are they delivering the right message? Auditing your ads will highlight quick improvements to increase your performance.

Bidding strategies

Choosing the right auction optimization strategy helps you get the most out of your budget and effectively promote products and services.

Landing pages

Selecting the page that would be the perfect fit for your audience will increase your conversion rate and return on investment. Is that the case ?

Frequently asked questions about Adwords

By choosing Google Adwords advertising , you monetize your positioning on certain specific expressions previously chosen by you. Ads have a greater visibility potential than natural results since there can be up to 4 ads at the top of the page. It’s all about targeted campaigns by selecting the right keywords and the right budget. The cost depends on the number of clicks, the number of times your ad will appear in the results or conversions made.

The more visible you become in search results, the greater your chance that a potential customer will be interested in your product or service. Thus, choosing to integrate Advertising Agency Lahore service for various purposes:

  • Increase awareness
  • Increase the number of qualified contacts
  • Improve your natural referencing (by making it possible to find new search queries for example)
  • Promote an ephemeral event Test a product / service or the performance of its web pages

The Google Ads operating on an auction system, you might think that the higher the auction, the better positioned you will be. And yet, it is more complex than that. Indeed, if the budgets invested only increased, profitability would never be there and no one would advertise: it would be the end of Google. 

To put it simply, your ranking will certainly depend on your bid, but also on the quality level of the ads and the landing page used. So, to get cheaper clicks but always higher ranking, we are working to show Google that your keywords, the content of your ads and the content of your landing pages are relevant to Internet users.

1 / Definition of objectives, performance indicators and budget

The first step is to define together the objectives you want to achieve with your SEA campaigns (notoriety, traffic, sales, drive to store, etc.), which then makes it possible to determine the performance indicators to be monitored. Finally, you tell us the budget you want to allocate to your campaigns.

2 / Account structuring, campaigns and ad groups

The structure of your account in Google AdWords is essential to the effectiveness and success of your paid search campaign. We therefore put in place a structure that allows you to match your keywords and your ads as closely as possible. We determine your bidding strategy according to your objectives and also distribute your budget by campaign at this time.

3 / Writing of ads and selection of keywords

By studying the market, your competitors and your products / services as well as your objectives, we choose the key queries on which you want to position yourself, determine their relevance and write the ads.

4 / Monitoring and optimization of campaigns

Once the ads are launched, it is necessary to refine the performance of your campaigns. To do this, we regularly analyze account data and performance indicators to refine bidding strategies and budgets.

5 / Report

According to your expectations, we regularly publish reports that we present to you in person so that we can also adapt the SEA strategy according to the evolution of your activity.

To set up an AdWords strategy, it is necessary to distinguish on the one hand the budget invoiced by Google (the one you want to invest each month on your campaigns) and the costs for the creation, management and monitoring of your campaigns which will be billed by the agency.

To provide a suitable service, we offer 3 types of offers: local, national and ecommerce. Our management fees are based on the budget spent either on a flat-rate basis or on the percentage of expenditure.

For those who do not yet  have an AdWords account and prefer to manage their campaigns themselves, but still want a professional to put them on the right track, a discovery offer is dedicated to them including the initial configuration of the AdWords account, the creation of the first announcements, a one-month support and coaching to continue independently what has been initiated.

With ads appearing almost immediately on search results, the great strength of Google AdWords lies in obtaining very fast results and traffic.

In order to improve their performance and optimize your profitability, the data collected is analyzed as and when the campaigns are perfected.

Obviously! You have the highest access (you’re the boss!) And can therefore consult it at any time and modify the campaigns in progress. We just ask you not to intervene without informing us beforehand so as not to negatively impact the actions carried out.

In 90% of cases, no. We prefer simple things and apply fixed fixed prices from the start of the contract according to your advertising budget. So you know exactly what you are paying regardless of how much you spend.

It’s up to you to see but as a rule we use the current account.

There are several ways you can view the performance of your campaigns. Each month, we send you a report of your statistics indicating the costs and the best performances (ads, keywords, etc.). You can also log in directly to your Google Ads account at any time to view all of your data.